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Do you want to to ‘Grow Your Own’ highly skilled practitioners and carer support teams?

An immersive toolkit to enable your team to support
carers with the emotional impact of caring for someone with dementia.

The benefits of
Care as you are

Care as you are is a distinctive multi-media, modular blended eLearning Programme, developed specifically for support teams to further develop their skills and capabilities. It is designed to raise their understanding of the powerful, personal, emotional impact of caring for someone with dementia.

This Immersive eLearning programme has been crafted by a multi-disciplined team of learning specialists – in partnership with field support teams ensuring real-world lived experience. With on-and-offline tools to grow your own highly skilled practitioners, and carer support teams.

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Islington Council Case Study

Learn how Care as you are enabled Islington Council to ‘Grow its Own’ highly trained practice staff.


Enable learners to understand the experiences of carers better, with compassion and understanding


Encouraging learners to develop the skills to support the emotional well-being of carers


Provide learners with tools and resources to enable them to make ‘every conversation count’

Why it exists…

A key element of the Government’s 2018 Carers Action Plan is recognition that carers are essential to health and social care provision and this requires everyone supporting them to understand their needs. 

The focus of this blended training is on Carers – and understanding how to support their emotional well being – it is not training about Dementia. Learn how Care as you are will fit into your action plan…

Care as you are is one story amongst many

Discover this multi-media, modular eLearning package for professionals and volunteers who support families with dementia, or other degenerative or debilitating conditions.

This example video leads into the rest of our free taster module – if you would like access for your organisation, please get in touch 

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Unlock the potential of this transformational eLearning programme. Revolutionise the way your organisation helps those who provide support for family members with dementia, or other degenerative or debilitating conditions. Take the first step towards positive change

Customer testimonials

The feedback from the Team, on the benefits from the training, has been very positive. Following the learning we have had requests from more staff asking to access the programme

Sean Taylor Somerset Council
Adult Social Care Training Manager

Care as you are is a
incredibly instructive
introduction to a
very complex
health topic

Dr Tim Saunders
General Practitioner

A brilliant resource. It’s sensitively handled but doesn’t shirk away from showing just how upsetting it can be both to suffer from dementia but also to deal with someone with the illness

GMG Care Services Ltd
Independent Care Home

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