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Empowering Carers – 2018-2020 Carers Action Plan

The profound role of carers often remains hidden, yet it forms the bedrock of health and social care provisions. Recognising the significance of carers, the Government’s 2018 Carers Action Plan strides forward to acknowledge their importance and address their unique needs. In response, the innovative Care as you are training program has emerged, designed to equip those who support carers with the tools and insights needed to effectively facilitate their roles while safeguarding their well-being.

Understanding the 2018-2020 Carers Action Plan

The Government’s 2018 Carers Action Plan marks a pivotal moment in acknowledging carers’ contributions and addressing their requirements. Rooted in the understanding that carers are indispensable to health and social care, the plan underscores the necessity of comprehending their distinct challenges. Its core mission revolves around ensuring that those who support carers are equipped with the means to offer assistance and understanding, thereby elevating the overall quality of care.

Supporting the Unsung Champions

Catalysing the vision of the Carers Action Plan is the ‘Care as you are’ training program. This innovative eLearning course, designed for those who provide support to carers, is a testament to the synergy between education and real-life caregiving challenges. It builds upon themes presented in the original ‘Care as you are’ film, offering practical solutions and insights.

The ‘Care as you are’ training program aligns seamlessly with the Carers Action Plan by furnishing supporters with invaluable insights, strategies, and practical knowledge tailored to their roles. It acknowledges that supporting carers necessitates an understanding of the emotional journey they navigate, recognising that their well-being profoundly influences the care they provide.

Care as you are - the film cover

A Cinematic Connection:

Born as a film, ‘Care as you are’ sheds light on the diverse challenges carers face. The themes addressed in the cinematic journey are mirrored in the accompanying eLearning course, creating a cohesive approach to understanding carers’ needs.

The ‘Care as you are’ eLearning acts as a complementary tool, offering guidance and advice to those who support carers. It provides practical solutions for the real-life issues depicted in the film, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Nurturing Well-being and Enabling Care:

At the heart of the 2018 Carers Action Plan lies the nurturing of carers’ well-being. ‘Care as you are'” responds by arming supporters with the tools necessary to facilitate this. The training equips them to guide carers in managing stress, maintaining balance, and prioritising their emotional health. This approach ensures that carers receive holistic support, fostering their ability to provide high-quality care.

Uniting Vision and Action:

As carers’ champions gain insights into emotional well-being support, they become enablers of quality care. This dynamic training bridges the gap between recognition and action, creating a robust network of assistance for carers.

Get support for your authority

Discover the transformative impact of the ‘Care as you are’ training program in supporting carers’ champions. By empowering those who support carers, we ensure that a network of compassion and understanding thrives. Through education and advocacy, we stand united in championing a brighter future for both carers and those who stand by their side. Get a demonstration of care as you are – and request access to the film.