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The process of creating
‘Care As You Are’

How a Video based depiction became an acclaimed Blended Learning story, achieving best practice, through improving reflective practice…

In early 2022 Imaginage, the video production company well known for their productions around the challenges of Age and Disrupt Learning and Education the innovative digital education provider were introduced.

Imaginage had produced a video that focused on the support of carers of people living with dementia needed, developed with Adult Services care teams, to provide them with essential development around reflective practice.

At Disrupt, we saw the potential for shaping this resource into a powerful and critically important flexible digital development process for organisations – And so the 18-month development story began.

We asked ourselves a series of questions that should be at the forefront of people’s thinking when designing digital learning:

  • What are the problems & challenges the sector faces with professional development and learning?
  • What are the challenges the sector faces on a wider context?
  • Who is going to need the development, what roles do they have, how do they work, and what time do they have?
  • What problems will they have with access, technology, and logistics, both individually and organisationally?
  • How do we cater for ranges of experience and knowledge?
  • How do we cater for both learning preferences and teaching preferences for all potential stakeholders?
  • How do we provide a multi faceted program that caters for all this and that will provide flexibility of access and use yet maintain consistency of practice and outcomes?
  • How do we provide moderation, activity, and performance processes where appropriate?
  • And finally, how do we ensure scalability and sustainability to ensure it withstands the test of time?

So, once we had answered these from our perspectives, we created a Reference Community from contacts and connections and from the Adult Services Teams at Somerset County Council who had used the video to help with their development of Reflective Practice.Eventually after much back and forth between stakeholders and the contributing community Care As You Are achieved it’s final shape as a multi faceted program or resource offering maximum flexibility of use for both learners and employers.  

Grow your own skills within your authority

Discover the transformative impact of the ‘Care as you are’ training program in supporting carers’ champions. By empowering those who support carers, we ensure that a network of compassion and understanding thrives. Through education and advocacy, we stand united in championing a brighter future for both carers and those who stand by their side. Get a demonstration of care as you are – and request access to the film.